Journey experience “Vietnamese Coffee Road”

With the goal of bringing customers the most delicious specialty coffee cups. SHIN Ca Phe now controls the process of  “From farm to cup”. Accordingly, uniformly ripe, large, pests-free coffee beans on the farm will be rigorously and rigorously selected as materials to create quality products for customers and markets.


Product | Cold Brew Bottle

The moderately sweet flavor creates a charming, smooth and clear Cold Brew, Take a sip of Cold Brew cool, feel the subtle aftertaste spread and keep drinking from strange to “believers” forever.





How To Make | Espresso Coffee

Espresso is an Italian coffee. If you want to know the recipe for espresso. Join Shin Ca Phe to experience the process of making a delicious cup of Espresso.



How To Make | Americano Coffee

Americano coffee is a favorite coffee dish today. By quickness, convenience and great delicious taste. So to get the best quality Americano coffee, how do we do it?


How To Make | Macchiato Coffee

In Italian, Macchiato means “Speckled”. This word refers to the tiny layer of white milk foam on the background of the drink. Macchiato is a drink made from two main ingredients: Espresso and fresh milk.


How to make | Cappuccino Coffee

One of the decisive factors in the quality of Cappuccino is the type of coffee you use. Join Barista SHIN Ca Phe with Espresso E2 to prepare this unique and attractive beverage through video!


How To Make | Latte Art

Latte Art is considered an interesting coffee art discipline. Join Barista of Shin Ca Phe to experience how to prepare and “art” a cup of Coffee in this video!